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Contractor Exam Guide

Taking The Contractor Exam For You To Get A Contractor License


With the purpose of legally accepting and completing any major contracting project, it is very important for you to submit an application for a general contractor license. If you are an unlicensed contractor, then, you are at risk of getting a penalty. And aside from that, you will not be able to exercise your right to file a suit to clients in order for you to collect what is due under the construction contract the two of you have signed. Each and every state has their own licensing prerequisites. There are a number of states which permit reciprocity with other states; however, there are a number of states that will necessitate a formal contractor license in order for you to work there.


There are a number of fundamental requirements which are very similar, or the same, in every state. For instance, it is important that you are no less than 18 years old and you also have a high school diploma. In addition to that, there is a need for you to present a proof that you are a legal resident or a US citizen. You must also have documentation on some of your occupational license you obtained in your state and if you have them, along with two passport-sized pictures.


Even supposing that you hold a license in your state, this does not mean that you will be permitted or you have the right to accept construction project in a different state. There are a lot of counties as well as cities that necessitate an occupation or business license, and there are a lot of states as well as that necessitate licensed contractors to post their state license bond. This bond will not protect you from any liability in the event there is an accident on the job, thus, you are going to require liability along with workers' compensation coverage in all stated where you are planning to do business.


Nearly all states these days oblige the license applicant to take a written SC Residential Builders exam. There is a need for you to successfully pass the Law and Business exams, as well as an exam that will cover your particular trade, and this is before you are allowed to apply for your contractor license. To arrange for your NASCLA exam, there is a need for you to get in touch with the Contractors State Licensing Board so that you can ask for an application for your license, as well as for your examination.


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